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Welcome to Menrva Nutrition!  You may have found your way here because you are looking for an alternative to your pet’s care. Nutrition is the basis of life and providing a well balanced, species-specific diet of high quality ingredients and appropriate supplements plays an important role in keeping our pets happy and healthy throughout their lives.  Menrva Nutrition is here to help with caring, educated advice based on   holistic teachings. 

Reasons to schedule a consult with our expert Certified Pet Nutritionist,

Suzanne Hawkins

  • Want to learn more about preparing homemade meals

  • Have questions about raw diets and the best way to switch over to raw

  • What is prescription food and is it the best meal I can feed my pet?

  • Your pet has been battling environmental/food intolerances and drugs and special food has not helped

  • My pet won’t stop itching or licking their paws

  • My pet was diagnosed with cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, etc and I want help on how to support the system while in treatment or to assist with my pet’s comfort

  • I just want to know I am giving my pet the best that they deserve for optimal health

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